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CMPUT 301 - Software Engineering

In CMPUT301, teams of students develop software projects inspired by the needs of external clients.

In the Winter term of 2010, one of the teams developed the Author Exploration Suite to help literary scholars explore the Orlando data set, of the CWRC project.

In the Fall term of 2010, the CMPUT301 project was based on the City of Edmonton’s (CoE) open data. The CoE is at the forefront of open-data initiative among Canadian cities, with Nanaimo, Vancouver and Toronto. It has launched a broad Open Data Initiative, which will develop an online open data catalogue for data managed by the City. The objective of the CMPUT301 project was to explore some of the possibilities around linking Edmonton’s open-data catalogue with other data available online to afford interesting services to anyone who wants to learn more about our city.

In the end I had 11 quite interesting projects and the best ones uploaded screencasts on youtube:

In the end our CoE partners decided to give not only the award they promised (to the top team “charlie”) but two more honorable mentions (to teams “bravo” and “delta”) since they liked them so much that they could not but recognize them!

CMPUT 401 - Software Process and Product Management

In this course, student teams work closely with clients to develop applications for a variety of problems. Here are some demos of the projects developed in Winter 2012.

  • The Mr Bear mobile app helps visitors to the UAlberta find their way around campus.
  • The ASL web-based application supports ASL (American Sign Language) instructors to assess children's ASL capabilities through on-line testing.
  • The NHP service and mobile apps enable consumers of natural health products to search for known adverse effects between these products and medications.

CMPUT 660 - Service Systems

June 2011: Invited Course in ITESM Mexico