CASCON 2008 workshop on 'Business Models on Software'

CASCON 2008 workshop on 'Business Models on Software'

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CASCON 2008 workshop on 'Business Models on Software', Toronto October 28 2008

The workshop was organized by Paul Messinger (Business, UoA), Kelly Lyons (Library and Information Studies, UoT), Henry Kim (Business, York U.), Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science, UoA), and Stephen Perelgut (IBM Toronto).

The workshop examined business models for emerging web-based information services. It started with presentations highlighting examples of new business models in a variety of fields (see below) and it continued with an interactive session where workshop participants, in break-out groups, discussed in more detail business models (and example case studies) for each of the identified services.

Towards SaaS (Software as a Service) Evaluation Model, Paul Sorenson


Business Models for Social Networks, Timo Ewalds


Social Networking Business Models, Sacha Chua


Profit Models for Emerging On-line Services: General Considerations and Virtual Worlds , Paul Messinger