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          <rev user="SSRG" timestamp="2013-06-02T18:21:15Z">[[Image:January29-2011.png|right|thumb|300px|The group circa January 2011]]

[[Image:January-2012.jpg|right|thumb|300px|The group circa January 2012]]

The &lt;B&gt;Service Systems Research Group&lt;/B&gt; is a multidisciplinary team, led by '''Dr. Eleni Stroulia''', a Professor in the Department of Computing Science, that focuses on the technical and socioeconomic concerns around building software systems for the purpose of service delivery. 

Dr. Eleni Stroulia is the &lt;b&gt;NSERC/iCORE Industrial Research Chair on &quot;Service Systems Management&quot;&lt;/b&gt;, generously supported by IBM ( 

[[Image:icore-invitation.png|left|thumb|100px|iCORE Launch of Stroulia's IRC]]

This [[SSRG Activities Video]] briefly reviews some of our recent [[activities]], including 
* the [[Smart Condo]] -- Dr. Stroulia and Dr. Liu (Occupational Therapy) are the co-leads of the Smart Condo simulation space in [[ ECHA]],  
* the [[CWRC]] (Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory) which was funded by CFI in June 2009, 
* the [ GRAND] (GRaphics, Animation and New meDia) Network of Centres of Excellence, in the context of which we have developed [ fAR-Play], and
* the [ SAVI] Strategic Network.

Dr. Stroulia is 
* adjunct Faculty Member with the Faculty of Rehabilitation Therapy (U of A);
* a member of the [ UCOSP] Undergraduate Capstone Open-Source Project Steering Committee; 
* collaborating with  [ CRAME], the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation; 
* collaborating with  [ CIRCA], the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts; and

If you are interested in Dr. Stroulia's earlier projects, see [ her earlier web site].

Finally, she tweets as [!/Eleni_Stroulia Eleni_Stroulia].</rev>