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      <p pageid="39" ns="0" title="Brendan Tansey" />
      <p pageid="15" ns="0" title="Business on the Web" />
      <p pageid="20" ns="0" title="CASCON 2008 workshop on &#039;Business Models on Software&#039;" />
      <p pageid="110" ns="0" title="CSMR WikiDev2.0 Demo" />
      <p pageid="85" ns="0" title="CWRC" />
      <p pageid="88" ns="0" title="Cheryl Sadowski" />
      <p pageid="191" ns="0" title="Cloud-based Software Engineering" />
      <p pageid="16" ns="0" title="Communities of Practice" />
      <p pageid="4" ns="0" title="Contact Info" />
      <p pageid="41" ns="0" title="David Chodos" />