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          <rev>===ReaSoN: REseArch SOcial Networks ===

'''People Involved'''

[[Veselin Ganev]] [[Brendan Tansey]] [[Jason Guo]] [[Filipe Mesquita]]

[[Denilson Barbosa]] [[Eleni Stroulia]]

[[Image: ReaSoN.png|left|thumb|300px|ReaSoN]]

Social networks are omnipresent in the world ound us. These are amazingly vast and complex networks that touch practically all aspects of humankind's activities. Hidden behind this complexity however is a great deal of information that if effectively tapped has answers to many of our questions. In this project, we examine a small but significant part of this network, that related to the research community. 

The ReaSoN prototype can be accessed from</rev>
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          <rev>[ Rimon Mikhaiel]</rev>