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Lanyan Kong (M.Sc.) June 2000, Legacy Interface Migration: From generic ASCII UIs to task-centered GUIs.


Qihua Situ (M.Sc.) June 2001, TaMeX: A Task-structure Based Mediation Architecture for Integration of Web Applications Using XML.

Rohit Kapoor (now with IBM Toronto) (M.Sc.) December 2001, Device Retargetable User-interface re-engineering using XML.

Huaxin Zhang (now Ph.D. student, U Waterloo) (M.Sc.) December 2001, Babel: XML-based Mediation for Continuous Application Monitoring and Integration.


Vijayan Menon (M.Sc. essay) December 2002, Dynamic Behavior Visualization.

Kavita Jari (M.Sc. Essay) December 2002, EduNuggets: An Intelligent Environment for Managing and Delivering Multimedia Education Content

Bin Cheng (M.Sc. essay) December 2002, Towards Understanding Latent Semantic Indexing.


Maurine Hatch (M.Sc.) June 2003, TaMeX: An Intelligent-Agent Framework for Flexible Service Integration on the Web

Mohammad El-Ramly (Ph.D.) June 2003, Reverse Engineering Legacy User Interfaces Using Interaction Traces

Sadaf Ahmed (M.Sc. essay) June 2003, Evaluation of BizTalk Server for Integration of Web Services

Yiqiao Wang (now Ph.D. student, U Toronto) (M.Sc.) December 2003, Information Retrieval and Semantic Structure Matching for Assessing Web-Service Similarity

Yingtao Jiang (M.Sc.) December 2003, Interactive Workflow Support for Web Services.


Mildred Ambe (M.Sc.) June 2004 Software Engineering for Wireless Devices.

Yichuan Cao (now with NetLinx) (M.Sc. essay) April 2004, Evaluating the JBoss Application Server Architecture


Ying Liu (now Ph.D. student, Penn State) (M.Sc.) June 2005, Towards understanding collaborative software development.

Warren Blanchet (now with Onware Edmonton) (M.Sc.) September 2005, WRABBIT: A multi-agent framework for web-services orchestration.


Cleo Espiritu (M.Sc.) September 2006, Of Wikis and Blogs: Understanding and Supporting On-Line Communities of Practice.

Atmaram Mulliah (now with Accenture Mauritius Branch) (M.Sc.) August 2006, Mobile Collaborative Peer Learning in an Apprenticeship Context


Brendan Tansey (now Research Associate, UoA) (M.Sc.) February 2008, Valuing Software Services: The Real Options-based Modularity Analysis Framework

Zhenchang Xing (Post-Doctoral Associate, UoA) (Ph.D.) April 2008, Supporting Object Oriented Evolutionary Development by Design Evolution Analysis


Jianzhao Huang (now with Alberta Agriculture) (M.Sc.) December 2009, A Service-Oriented Framework for Sensor-Based Applications